︎ [FEATURED 000] ︎
[Corruption of a Sacred Heart]

I often wonder what our lives would be like if digital computers and communities did not exist.

If we were limited to only what we knew from the things we perceive in our corporeal environments.

There are actors in every facet of the digital society, some born in the flesh and some born through a code.

All have an objective, some benefit you, some don't.

But all corrupt, and all are closer than you think, seen or unseen.

Scratching, clawing, and picking at your sacred heart.

[July 2022] 

︎ [FEATURED 001] ︎
[Glimpse of Us (Dear Klara)]

When there is a void, there is always a desire for it to be filled.

The internet provides an easy escape. So do the substances.

When we were together, we tore eachother apart.

Your touch is what I remember most. Fragile hearts cannot last when both are hurting.

Dear Klara you wrote.

[July 2022] 

︎ [FEATURED 002]︎
[Continuum of a Fragile Heart]

How does one escape their surroundings when the unknown is far more terrifying. They don't have the medicine to survive, at least not without a fight. Certainly not without the means to squire it. A father who loves me, after years upon years of conflict. The clock is ticking, cancer doesn't give a shit. I love you prairies, for giving me a home. For better or for worse. Even if I leave you, you will never leave my heart. 

[May 2022] 

︎ [FEATURED 003]︎

This statue was erected to commemorate the birth of a new era of civilization where digital and physical identities have become completely interchangeable. - One may now take any form they wish within this fractured utopia, free from the binds of their fleshy mortal coil. - Go forth and craft your imaginations which now hold equal footing with those built of steel and stone. - The physical has been equaled by the buzzing currents.