Klara Vollstaedt, born in 1996 in Calgary, Alberta, is a Canadian-based transfem artist whose exploration of identity, loss, connection, and interpersonal dynamics has created a distinctive presence in the ever-evolving digital art world. Her early years were marked by a profound interest in arts and technology, a blend of passions that led her to the Alberta University of the Arts, where she honed her craft from 2017 to 2021.

Over the years, Klara's artistic journey has seen her working with a myriad of mediums - from photography and illustration to painting - before she ultimately found her niche in 3D digital art. Today, her practice is a rich amalgamation of mediums, seamlessly weaving together elements of AI, 3D, Photoshop, video editing, and performance art. Despite this wide range of techniques, Klara's primary focus lies in creating conceptual 3D work that pushes the boundaries of character design and animation.

As a member of the pioneering generation that experienced the growth of the internet firsthand, Klara's relationship with this transformative medium runs deep. She has witnessed its evolution from a novel concept for communication among friends to an indispensable aspect of modern human existence.

Klara's artwork, a testament to her innovative approach and distinctive style, has been exhibited in galleries throughout North America, such as UnF01d in Austin, Texas, Dcentral in Miami, Florida, For the TL in Austin, Texas, and the digital showcase, Graffiti Queens. Her achievements also include being exhibited at the NASDAQ Times Square billboard and the notable Gallery Squared in Denver.

In testament to her versatility and wide-ranging appeal, Klara has collaborated with an array of renowned brands, such as Deadfellaz, Props, Monaverse, and most recently, the iconic Barbie. Her work has garnered attention from various media outlets, including CBC Arts, Artsper Magazine, Refinery 29, Dazed, SuperRare, NFT Now, Builtin, and more, further establishing her place in the digital art world.

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The Gateway (2022) (MIAMI, FL)
Supertrans Show (2022) (New York City)
NASDAQ Sign (2022) (New York City)
Deviantart Popup (2022) (LOS ANGELES)
Deadzone LA (2022)
Unf01d (2022) (AUSTIN, TX)
For The TL (2022)(AUSTIN, TX)
Edicurial Collection (ongoing)
Dcentral (2021) (MIAMI, FL)
Chinook Blast (2021) (CALGARY, AB)


DFZ.KYV-1 “FELLA” with Deadfellaz
‘Poppie’ w/ Skylar Bodnar
‘A Self Portrait of Two Souls’ w/ Katherina Jasek
‘Live Your Fantasy’ w/ Katherina Jasek
└ (•_•) ┐’ w/ Ellie Pritts


Nifty Gateway